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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Smoking vs. Erectile Dysfunction - What Are the Risks?

New studies done recently have shown that there is a link between smoking cigarettes and erectile dysfunction. But how bad can it really get? There is still a lot to learn, but some new discoveries have been revealed. The more men smoke, the more they risk developing erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the inability for a male to keep an erection long enough to complete satisfactory sexual performance. The recent study was done on over 4,700 Chinese men between the ages of 35 and 74 who had no blood disease and were sexually active in the past half year. This was the first study of its kind to be done on healthy men as opposed to those with hypertension and other problems which could potentially skew the tests.

The tests concluded that men who were smokers had over a 40% greater chance of developing erectile dysfunction than those who did not smoke. And the more the person smoked, the higher their risk of developing erectile dysfunction. When comparing the smokers with non-smokers, smokers who only smoked 10 cigarettes a day only had about a 27% likelihood while those who smoked 11-20 had 45% chance, and those who smoked 20+ cigarettes a day had a 65% greater chance of developing erectile dysfunction over those males who did not smoke. So in response to the recent study it can be estimated that nearly over 20% of erectile dysfunction cases can be attributed to smoking.

This study is very important as it shows even more effects on smoking today. Not only do those who smoke 20+ cigarettes per day increase their risk of developing erectile dysfunction by around 65%, but it has also been found that the risk does not go away after a man decides to quit smoking. There are no reasons to start or even continue smoking with these kinds of studies showing more and more problems with the habit. As a kid, the first cigarette can be quite a traumatic experience. After that first one, you start to feel quite a bit nauseas and dizzy and its not too much fun. Why is that? Because it is simply a person's body reacting to poison. Ultimately, if and when a person finally overcomes these natural objections they begin to risk even more than erectile dysfunction but also cancer, emphysema (breakdown of lung tissue), organ damage, and heart disease. It is estimated that every single cigarette that is lit up takes around 5-20 minutes off of a person's life.

Overall, everyone knows what kind of effect smoking has on our bodies. It is understandable that it is quite a heavy addiction that is very hard to get rid of for many people. But, for those who have not realized all of the problems that will inevitably arise through regular use, please remember that it doesn't just cause more wrinkled skin and yellow teeth, but severe lung damage, greater risk of illnesses, slower healing times when injured, and much more will also occur if nothing is done to help prevent this habit from being treated. And if you do want to stop smoking, there are plenty of resources online as well as with the American Cancer Society. For some, quitting cold turkey has really worked for them. For others, it may require a slower pace in order to quit. The possibilities are endless. However, if you are a smoker or considering it, consider all of the facts before taking that next hit. It will be the hit that changes your life for the better...inevitably.

By S. Michael Windsor

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