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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Best Way To Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Everyone agrees that being pregnant is one of the most amazing and life affirming things that can happen to a woman but we all know that it’s not without its difficulties. One of the main concerns a new mother has, after those of caring for her new baby of course, is the desire to lose her pregnancy weight. After all who wouldn’t want to lose those 20 to 30 pounds put on during the average pregnancy and return to their previous, slimmer figures. No matter how strongly a new mother may feel about this it’s really important to be patient because losing weight too quickly can be as unhealthy now as at any time.

Despite this fact, the majority of weight loss tips for new mothers are the same as those for everyone else but there are a few extra factors that may help them to lose weight, you might even say nature is on their side.

So, best ways to lose belly fat after pregnancy includes the following:

Exercise. This is important for anyone trying to lose weight. Exercise works to burn fat in three ways; it tones your muscles, it increases your metabolism and it costs more energy to be more active. However, women who have recently given birth should be wary of too much exercise. Giving birth is a major physical trauma and the body must be given time to recover. If any exercise is undertaken it must be light and only as directed by your doctor.

Water. To help the liver clear toxins and break down fat it’s a good idea to drink up to 8 medium-sized glasses of water per day.

A healthy diet. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is a prerequisite for anyone trying to lose weight and is even more important for new mothers who are breastfeeding. If you make sure you are eating well you’ll feel more energized and you’ll also be giving your baby the best start in life.

Sleep. It’s been shown that sleep deprived people are more prone to putting on weight. With a new baby on the scene it’s inevitable that you’ll be losing sleep but if at all possible try to get some nap-time whenever the baby does sleep. You’ll feel much less stressed and generally healthier.

These tips are somewhat generic to all dieters but there is one piece of advice that only applies to new mothers trying to lose weight. If you breastfeed then you will be using up your body’s stores of fat and you’re likely to see the result in a slimmer waistline. In fact, the reason you gained weight during the pregnancy was so that you could give your baby the sustenance it needs. A breastfeeding mom needs about and extra 500 calories per day to provide enough milk for her baby. This added energy demand will go a long way toward helping you shed those extra pounds naturally and with very little effort.

All of these tips will work but by far the main point to remember is that a new mother must stay healthy. It’s generally advised that they shouldn’t really think about losing weight for at least the first 2 months after giving birth. Breastfeeding will help you lose weight during this period but anything else should wait. Whenever you decide you want to start to lose pregnancy weight it’s definitely a good idea to speak with your doctor and tell them your intentions. They’ll be able to guide you as to what’s most appropriate for you and your personal situation.

Nothing in this article should be construed as instruction or advice and before beginning any diet appropriate medical advice should be obtained.

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